Missing Persons

·   Day visitors/hikers Carol Liang and Jay Kent (Missing since 7/5/20)

Report:  After checking in at Mr. Hannigan’s Comfort Notch Creations & Souvenir Shoppe to purchase maps, sunglasses, and water/snacks, the couple entered the North trailhead where they were last seen. Warned by Mr. Hannigan to not leave the marked path, the couple agreed, yet inquired about the Legend within the Leaves.  Mr. Hannigan, naturally, feigned to not know about the legend. When pressing the couple as to where they’d heard about this, they indicated that they’d read about it on the Conspiracy & Cryptid Chaser Network. If any resident has information on the whereabouts of this couple or has seen any signs, please contact Jenny Green, Mayor Hardy, and the Sheriff.



·   Glenn McNamara – Longtime Comfort Notch resident (since 5/5/20)

First cousin of Comfort Notch Chamber of Commerce President Amy McNamara, Glenn Mac was last seen in the vicinity of the trailer park on the edge of town. At this time, his whereabouts are unknown, and he has not been heard from since his disappearance. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts – or why he was in the vicinity of the trailer park – please contact the sheriff.




Be on the Lookout for a few members of the Conspiracy & Cryptid Chasers Network

It has been reported that Dean Samuels, the New England Regional Director of this nuisance group, has been seen in Comfort Notch neighboring towns with several other members. At this time, we do not know if the latest missing persons are affiliated with this group. He may have been sighted on private property (see below).



Complaints & Criminal Nuisances

*Several complaints have been recorded during the entire month of July with regard to the Conspiracy & Cryptid Chasers Network trespassing on private property. As the residents of Comfort Notch know, we do not tolerate outsiders investigating the history, folklore, or legends of our town.