Comfort Notch Citizens:

As the Autumnal Equinox and Celebration approaches, it’s important that that we, as a community, come together to remember the rituals of the season. We’ve made the effort to capture the entire celebration here, for your review and reinforcement. For our newest participants, please take the time to learn what preserves and reinforces our community bonds and the promise of our continued prosperity into the future.


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny Green, Mayor Hardy, or Harrison Cole III (President of the Comfort Notch Historical Society).

·   For the Night (Opening chant/ritual)

Instructions:  Participating townsfolk encircle the elevated, grasping hands with one another. Ensure that the Elevated does not leave the circle.

Come close, then closer still

Bind our hearts, and minds, and will

Together we rise

Together we fall

For the Night

She heeds our Call

By Earth

By Fire

By Wind

By Rain

We stand together

In Fire’s light

For prosperity’s gain

No matter fear

The time draws near

Sacrifice another’s pain

So Comfort Notch remains.


This opening chant and ritual goes directly into the next. Circle draws in closer to the Elevated Honored Person. Fire Tender lights the Autumnal Bonfire with the leaves collected over several weeks


·   Raising the Witch (recitation/chant)

Instructions:  Starts as a whisper, builds in crescendo!

Blades of scarlet

Glades of green

The Witch in Leaves

Power flows in flight unseen

Life in limbs

Sap of blood

To her we plead

as we execute our deed

Keep us safe

Keep us whole

Keep us prosperous

As you did on old

Hear us now

Accept our bait

The Honored goes willingly

To their Fate


With lights ablaze

Darkness fades

Your spirit, your power

We now raise.


Townspeople raise their clasped hands into the sky, drawing down the power of the forest, and of the elementals alive with the ritual.   The townspeople now close in upon the Honoree, forming  lines on other side of that person, as to usher them into the forest.


·   Change (ritual/recitation/chant)

Instructions: As the chant is recited, the Honoree is gently guided towards the woods.

By the light of the Moon

By the rays of the Stars

The Autumnal calls

When the first leaf falls

Season of change

Colors ablaze

Towering trees of magic

Capture the gaze

What is necessary

What must be

Continues our existence

Because of she within the trees

Of bark

And limb

Of blood

And bone

Keep it alive

Comfort Notch our home

When the leaves turn

Our souls burn

Change must happen

Time must churn


*By the end of the chant, the Honoree must be in the dark of the woods*